Significant references of Sokoró Kft.'s metal structure manufacturing activities - without claiming to be exhaustive

At Sokoró products, main target group is the world's leading agricultural machinery manufacturers. Our partners include several well-known agricultural machinery manufacturers in Europe and the world, with whom the partnership that has existed for years and even decades clearly proves the long-term reliability of Sokoró. For our customers operating in the agricultural machinery industry, we manufacture larger machine frames and smaller parts (even in galvanized or painted versions), but we have also produced complete, assembled tillage machines in larger series.

For our Swiss partner, we produce security technical units (climbing barriers and police cordons), the welding, production and inspection process of which requires maximum precision due to their place of use. Rollover barriers are used worldwide, but mainly protect motorists along the highways of Switzerland and Italy.

For our German customer, we design and manufacture crane support plates in various sizes, which are delivered in a painted design.

For our partner in Liechtenstein, we continuously supply metal parts for municipal machines and industrial earthmoving machines, without surface treatment, as well as in galvanized or painted designs.

We undertake cutting, flatbed and tube laser cutting of pipes, box sections and plates as contract work.

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