Company history


Main stages of our company


We settled a new Fiber tube laser cutter in our steel production factory, we improved our crane lane, and started to install a new blasting equipment.


Oldtimer83 has been expanded by a new restaurant


We purchased a bakery in Gyarmat (neighboring settlement)


Finishing of lease work for the automotive industry


New activity: – opening of Oldtimer83 petrol station and café bar in Tét


Again, an important technological development: tube laser cutter TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 7000 starts to work


The biggest HARTFORD machining center is settled in the plant of Sokoró, and starts to operate


For optimizing the activities, the company takes all production processes and equipments to the seat in Tét, and sells the factory in Mezőlak


New, modern storage building is being built, and machine investments continue.


A new office building is built and consecrated. The firm makes continuously investments in machines (welding robots) and car park updating. Prominently successful operation is realized by the firm.


We employ more and more people, our turnover is growing. TÁMOP training programme starts.


Cable production stops. To avoid the negative effects of the economical crisis and market loss, we try to extend our earlier business relationships (car industry), and search for new partners. We acquire the class vocational training firm.


A new cooperation is established in car industry: with Veritas Ltd. that is seated in Dunakiliti. According to this agreement, Sokoró produces fuel delivery parts, spreaders and fuel filters for nearly every big European car factory. Production tools and equipments are supplied by the procurer.


The activity for car industry is broadening: the new plant for engine module assembly produces simple products for AUDI Hungária Motor Ltd.


The company buys a new seat: in the near Mezőlak of Veszprém county. This plant gives job for about 40 workers, and is primarily specialized in the production of agricultural machine parts that are assembled in the main seat. Machines are continuously developed.


The factory is taken over by 92 private people. Since then, the structure of owners has been reorganized only a little.


The company starts to develop the seat. An agreement is made with the German DFS Dräxlmaier GmbH., and Sokoró starts to produce the cable bundles for Mercedes cars, as a lease work. A new hall is built for this function. Also the agricultural branch is developing; a new hall is built for machine production.


As a general successor, SOKORÓ Industry and Trade Ltd. is established.


Turning year: the firm becomes independent, and can work as a state company. New name: SOKORÓ Agricultural Machine Factory, Tét.


The plant gets the title factory, but still belongs to the centre as a subordinate.


Production of CARBOROBOT carbon boilers starts. An independent product development group is founded, and the company starts to deal with self-designed products.


Agriculture comes again into the front: E-296 cutter equipments are made for the German Fortschritt Kombinat. During 15 years, about 110 000 pieces of it are produced.


Tét joins to the all-Hungarian vehicle programme: it produces 25000 pieces of bus chassis for IKARUS, and Csepel Car Factory.


The Pool of Agricultural Machines is established, and centres are made in the county. From this year the company operates as number 4 plant unit of the Agricultural Machine Company of Győr. The volume of machine reparations decreases, the most of works is lease work.bérmunkajellegű tevékenységet végzünk.


The Machine Station of Tét is transformed to a Machine Reparatory Station, the most important function of which is the renewal of ZETOR prime movers, and to provide exchange engines for the factories of the county.


The Agricultural Machine Station of Tét is opened on the present seat of the company.

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