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Profile bending, plate rolling, pipe bending. When planning our investments, we primarily focus on the capacity expansion expected by our customers, and we keep in mind raising the technical level of production, which will contribute to maintaining our competitiveness on international markets as well.


Akyapak ABM 76 CNC tube bending machine

The equipment type ABM 76 CNC-3 is appropriate for bending of all types of tubes from steel and other material that can be bent. Forms can be simple and complex too. This kind of CNC-bending is very cost-effective in serial production.

Parameters of the machine: Max. bending diameter: 76 x 3 mm Max. wall thickness: 3-4 mm Max. tube diameter / stainless steel: (S=60kgf/mm2)76 x 2 mm Max. tube diameter / non-iron: (S= 25 kgf/mm2) 76 x 5 mm Tube: 50 x 3 mm Max. bending radius: 40-260 mm Max. bending angle: 190 degrees


Akyapak APK 101 NC profile bending machine

The NC-controlled profile bending machine is appropriate for bending of different profiles due its robust construction.


Akyapak AHS 30-13 plate bending machine

The hydraulic plate bending machine is appropriate for bending of normal and globular products from steel. This machine has 4 rollers, all of them can be set hydraulically.

Parameters of the machine: Length of bending: 3100 mm Max thickness: 16 mm Pre-bending: 13 mm Diameter of upper roller: 330 mm Diameter of lower roller: 300 mm Diameter of side rollers: 240 mm


DENER BS NC 3110 plate scissor

This machine DENER 3110 is a hydraulic plate scissor with an independent axis operation, that has even a rear puffer service and lifting counter. The perfect cutting accuracy and precision enable to cut cost effectively and with a minimal waste.

Parameters of the machine: Length of cutting: 3120 mm Cutting capacity: 10 mm Cutting degree: 2 degrees Hit/Min: 12 Pharyndepth: 250 mm


HIDROLIKSAN CFDD 250 C hydraulic press

The 250-Tons press has an independent PLC-operated expulsion unit. This unit is adjustable per kg/m. Also, the speed is adjustable. This machine is suitable for bending bigger series.

Parameters of the machine: Capacity: 250 tons Size of desk: 1000 x 600 mm Length of lifting: 500 mm Height of opening: 750 mm

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