Surface finishing


Gostol PYE 2000/500x6

This machine is suitable for cleaning the surface of bars, table plates, and smaller pieces. Working width is 2000 mm, maximal height of the workpiece is 500 mm. The machine has 6 pcs angle turned blasting heads, which enable to clean the workpiece consistently. Due to the quantity and angle places of blasting heads, the passage power is very good.


Gostol P-3000/1250X10 (under construction)

Working width: 3000 mm, working height: 1250 mm. The size of input and output table is 3000x6000 mm. Our newest surface treatment equipment is the GOSTOL TYPE P-3000x1250 tunnel shot blaster. This equipment has 10 high-performance spray heads, which ensure the achievement of a perfect spray pattern for welded constructions. The equipment works exclusively using special German, high-quality grains, so it always results in a reliable quality surface.


Manual blasting machine SZH-K 8×4-4

The manual blasting machine SZH-K 8×4-4 has a conveyor rail with scrape promoter collector. This machine is suitable for cleaning surface and derusting of bigger workpieces. Maximal charge of the machine is 1500 kg per suspension, inner size of the cabin is 8x4x4 m.

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