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We think for long term. We are proud of the fact that we think in terms of long-term cooperation both in our partnerships and with our employees. We are happy to invest more time and more resources in order to reach the technological, quality and logistics standards expected by our customers. For this, a similar approach to our employees is essential - we always think in the long term. We educate and train our employees and continuously develop their competencies so that we can work together on our own and Sokoró Kft.'s goals in the long term. Satisfied partners, satisfied employees - these are essential for Sokoró to operate successfully.

We work with expertise, commitment, long-term planning and consistent adherence to quality standards. This enables our products to serve the needs of our customers not only at the time of delivery, but also after several years of use in the best possible quality and at the highest level. We pay special attention to the feedback we receive from our Partners. Continuous development based on the information we receive from our customers is a primarily considered in the formation of our production processes.


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"I have been employee of Sokoró Kft. for 13 years. I started as a locksmith and have been managing the welding robots since 2016. I like working here and I also plan my future here in the long term - in my opinion, Sokoró is a company that values its employees and ensures continuous work." András Molnár, welding robot operator

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