Technological investments in SOKORÓ

Years 2020 and 2021 were dedicated for technological investments in SOKORO.

During the planning of our investments, we consider the possibilities of increasing our capacities, and development of our technological level. These factors contribute to keep our competitiveness also on international markets.

Newest equipments are:

Akyapak ABM 76 CNC tube bending machine


The equipment type ABM 76 CNC-3 is appropriate for bending of all types of tubes from steel and other material that can be bent. Forms can be simple and complex too. This kind of CNC-bending is very cost-effective in serial production.


Parameters of the machine:

Max. bending diameter: 76 x 3 mm

Max. wall thickness: 3-4 mm

Max. tube diameter / stainless steel: (S=60kgf/mm2)76 x 2 mm

Max. tube diameter / non-iron: (S= 25 kgf/mm2) 76 x 5 mm

Tube: 50 x 3 mm

Max. bending radius: 40-260 mm

Max. bending angle: 190 degrees


Akyapak APK 101 NC profile bending machine

The NC-controlled profile bending machine is appropriate for bending of different profiles due its robust construction.


Akyapak AHS 30-13 plate bending machine


The hydraulic plate bending machine is appropriate for bending of normal and globular products from steel. This machine has 4 rollers, all of them can be set hydraulically.


Parameters of the machine:

Length of bending: 3100 mm

Max thickness: 16 mm

Pre-bending: 13 mm

Diameter of upper roller: 330 mm

Diameter of lower roller: 300 mm

Diameter of side rollers: 240 mm


DENER BS NC 3110 plate scissor

This machine DENER 3110 is a hydraulic plate scissor with an independent axis operation, that has even a rear puffer service and lifting counter.

The perfect cutting accuracy and precision enable to cut cost effectively and with a minimal waste.


Parameters of the machine:

Length of cutting: 3120 mm

Cutting capacity: 10 mm

Cutting degree: 2 degrees

Hit/Min: 12

Pharyndepth: 250 mm


HIDROLIKSAN CFDD 250 C hydraulic press


 The 250-Tons press has an independent PLC-operated expulsion unit.  This unit is adjustable per kg/m. Also, the speed is adjustable.

This machine is suitable for bending bigger series.



Parameters of the machine:

Capacity: 250 tons

Size of desk: 1000 x 600 mm

Length of lifting: 500 mm

Height of opening: 750 mm


HARTFORD LG 1000 horizontal machining centre


This machine is suitable for the exact machining of smaller pieces. The machine has a separate 4th axis, that enables unique production as well.


Parameters of the machine:


Size of the desk: 1150*510 mm

Size of „T“ groove (Site, Qty, division): 18 x 3 x 160

Maximal burding of desk: 700 kg


In length (X): 1000 mm

Across (Y): 510 mm

Vertical (Z): 630 mm


Trumpf 5040 Fiber Laser cutting machine


This machine is suitable for cutting normal steel, and steel with big strength.

The cutting quality is excellent, maximal cutting thickness can be 20 mm.

Size of the desk is 4000×2000 mm. Speed is multiple than with a normal CO2 laser cutter, due to Fiber-technology.


Gostol tunnel blasting machine



This machine is suitable for cleaning the surface of bars, table plates, and smaller pieces. Working width is 2000 mm, maximal height of the workpiece is 500 mm.

The machine has 6 pcs angle turned blasting heads, which enable to clean the workpiece consistently.

Due to the quantity and angle places of blasting heads, the passage power is very good.


Manual blasting machine in cabin




The manual blasting machine SZH-K 8×4-4 has a conveyor rail with scrape promoter collector. This machine is suitable for cleaning surface and derusting of bigger workpieces.

Maximal charge of the machine is 1500 kg per suspension, inner size of the cabin is 8x4x4 m.

Continuous development of our technology is very important, to be able to fulfil the requirements of our clients. SOKORÓ ensures it by steady investments.

Trusty technological background – machines, that we have been using for a longer time

Shot blasting machine for the clear surface szemcseszoro

Flame- and plasma cutters for cutting the construction steels in a good quality
Laser cutter machine for good quality cutting of parts in big series lezer

csm_TruLaser-Tube-7000-bevel-cut_4393db07fb_7cedba41bc Tube laser cutter TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 7000 :

for cutting tube, box section, flat iron and angle-steel in excellent quality

Manual and automatic (CNC controlled) band saw machines fur

Our company produces machined and welded constructions or smaller components for several industrial branches. Mostly we are working according to the plans, design or samples of our clients. Increasing volume of bending jogs are done on traditional and CNC controlled bending machines. After that, we also possess a profile bending machine.


traditional and CNC controlled turning machines



CNC controlled machining centres


portal system machining centre




bending and profile bending machines

welding is our strength

For Sokoró Ltd. and its partners, the excellent welding and also continuous modernization of technology are of very high priority. An obvious sign of this is the more and more common usage of welding robots.

Our company has a German welding certification, and also certified welders.