S-305 subsoilerS-melylazito M

We recommend to use the subsoiler S-305, because

  1. it has a good influence on water-, air-, and energy balance of the soil,
  2. it totally terminates the hard layer, which was formed under the depth of ploughing.
  3. its use has an important role in protecting the soil from extreme weather conditions.

The usage of Sokoró subsoiler inhibits the dehydration and hardening of soil. It can prevent the fields from inland inundation, because water can trickle down to the deeper layers.

Sokoró subsoiler is 3 meters wide, and has 5 curved tines, made of a quenched and hardened material (HARDOX). On the tines there are cast-steel, abrasion resistant heads with small wings. The tines are protected from the stones with a shear-bolt. The machine can be applied in a depth of 45-50 cm, in this depth it can even lift and move the soil by 15 cm. The spiked packer roller balanced with the wheels controls the depth, and leaves a corrugated, waterproof surface. In case of a minimum tillage technology, it is necessary to loosen the soil every 2 or 3 years.

Not like several other subsoilers, Sokoró S-305 subsoilers loosens the soil, but does not ventilate it, because it does not have upper mixing wings, which would be very injurious considering the humidity conservation.

Technical data

Width:  3100 mm
Working width: 3000 mm
Length:  2300 mm
Height: 1400 mm
Working depth: 100-500 mm
Power needed in HP:  225 HP
Power needed in kW:  167 kW
Max. working speed:  8 km/h
Area performance: 1,5 ha/h
Weight:  1420 kg