The new shallow cultivator with rotor is an equipment for modern agriculture, which partially allows to avoid the usage of total weed killer chemicals.

There are 2 main units of the machine:RSK-3

  • A cultivator with duck foot tines

The tines are in 3 rows, their overlap is 70 mm, and they work with an equal working depth. They burst the plants root perfectly.

  • Rotor

There are 75 tines in the cylinder, which work in the depth of 30-50 mm. The sprigs pull out the weed with the root, and send them directly into the air. The soil arrives to the ground earlier than the stalk with the root. The chance for the weed to revive is very little. The formed mulch-layer decreases the steaming of humidity and CO, and assists the expansion of humus-layer.

Working speed of the machine is ideally 5-6 km/h. To keep the depth equal, there are holder wheels, which allow rapid and simple adjustment.

Technical data

Technical data RSK-3
Width: 3000 mm
Working width: 2610 mm
Height: 1310 mm
Length: 6015 mm
Folding turn: 540 1/min
Number of hacks: 11 pcs
Width of hacks: 295 mm
Overlap of hacks: 70 mm
Rotor turn: 150 1/min
Number of knives: 75 pcs
Power needed in HP: 90-100 HP
Working speed: 5-6 km/h
Weight:  2275 kg