Production of agricultural machines and parts

The other main target group of our agricultural production is the leader agricultural machine producers of the world. We have several renowned agricultural companies among our clients. Years, and even centuries of cooperation with them are the proof of the long term reliability of Sokoró.Most important steel constructions made by Sokoró

For our clients from the agricultural machine sector, we are producing machine frames and smaller components (even with zinc plated surface), but if needed, then also complete assembled soil cultivation machines in bigger series.

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Kp14 simba3

Most important steel constructions made by Sokoró

Most important steel constructions made by Sokoró

Making different construction elevators, conveyors, and unique equipments is always a big challenge. We often paint, assemble and test whole constructions, that need very accurate manufacturing, and these can even reach 10 meters in height.  Kp12
 HPIM1379 For car manufacturers, we’ve produced transportation containers for engines and air-conditioning systems, they were supplied to several car companies (Opel, Volkswagen). Before the production, Sokoró has also made modification works for such containers, to satisfy the continuously changing demands of car industry.


For our French partner, we are producing chassis for CNC controlled textile cutter machines. These machines are used all over the world for cutting leather and textile. Its cutting accuracy is nearly the same as laser technology with 0,1 mm.  lectralectra1
 kicsi2geob1 A new example from our production is the wide range of security units that we supply to our Swiss partner (landslip inhibitory constructions, police cordons).

Welding, production and inspection processes of these require the highest possible accuracy, because of their application. The landslip inhibitory units are principally placed in Switzerland and Italy, beside the motorways.

For our German client we design and produce crane support plates in different sizes and design. We deliver these plates painted. IMG_5099
golf1  Through tour German Client, we have produced mounting systems for the car type Volkswagen Golf V, and we assembled the construction in the plant in Wolfsburg. As a result of the project 1700 m system was completed, where the cars were delivered within the plant
 We have produced several mounting systems and assembly mounts for different well known car plants (like Seat, Porsche and Skoda) as well. skoda1skoda2
elba  Also the flood gate system on a fork of the river Elbe is one of our reference jobs.
 In 2012 we have produced complete painted and assembled car-body elevators for one of our biggest client. These are used in car production factories. EHT


Smaller metal parts (gear wheels, rollers …) and components of steel constructions often make our production more colourful.

Smaller metal parts (gear wheels, rollers …) and components of steel constructions often make our production more colourful.