SMK Mulchmaster

Our SMK Mulchmaster is necessary for mulch cultivation.

This mulchcultivator is perfectly ideal for:

  • stubble-clearing,
  • handling of unweeded fields,
  • and for seedbed-preparation.

 This machine chops the straw intensively, and mixes them consistently into the loosened soil. Due to its big working speed it is suited for working huge areas. Leaf spring hacks ensure a good mixing effect, and prevent against stones. The machine can be mounted with triangle shaped shank, and double heart shank as well. There is a tandem cylinder behind the cultivation elements which ensures equal depth control and depth settings. This tandem cylinder can masterly break and compact the soil.

Before applying the Mulchmaster in a corn stubble, we propose to use a shredder as well, to reach the best possible work quality.


Technical data

Transport width: 3200 mm 2600 mm
Working width: 3000 mm 5000 mm
Length: 7400 mm 8400 mm
Height: 1500 mm 3200 mm
Working depth: 80-180 mm 80-180 mm
Size of rear transport wheels:  19.0/45-R17  500/50-R17
Power needed in HP: 160-200 HP 230-250 HP
Power needed in Kw: 120-150kW 170-185kW
Max. working speed: 8-12 km/h 8-12 km/h
Diameter of cutting cylinder: 500 mm 500 mm
Diameter/ thickness of cutting discs: 560/6 mm 560/6 mm
Diameter of rummer cylinder: 520 mm 520 mm
Area performance: 2.4-3.6 ha/h 4-6 ha/h
Pressure of hydraulic system: min. 120 bar min. 120 bar
weight: 3780 kg 6770 kg