spielautomat-casinos.atOur company, SOKORÓ Industry and Trade Ltd. which looks back to a 60 years old history, being 100% in Hungarian ownership, is located in the dynamically developing region of north-west Hungary. Not including the near cities’ situation of manpower market (Pápa – Győr – Csorna), this is the only firm in the surrounding area which employs a significant number of people. Our central seat is in the town called Tét

Our activities focus on 2 main areas: 1. metalworking (fabrication of production equipments for the car industry and welded constructions) and 2. assembling for the car industry. Main products in the steel industry are automotive equipments, different welded constructions in big size, production systems, designing and production of different equipments. A certain part of our activity is the production the traditional agricultural machines, communal machines, and carbon furnaces.

sokoro1In the automotive side we do assembly work of car engine modules, and other spare parts.We fulfil our customers’ quality and technological challenges with a modern computer background, qualified specialists and the continuous development of our technical facilities. We produce to the inland and to the foreign market as well, both within and out of the European Union