It was always a trouble for farmers, to keep plants without weed. Besides chemical clearing technologies, environmentally friendly mechanical cultivation methods are coming again to te front.

Considering this, we propose our harrows FB type for mechanical clearing.FB-9 M

They are convenient for:

  • clearing of cereal, rape, beans, carrots, potato, corn, vegetables, from the shooting until a stem height of 30-40 cm,
  • eradicating the pullulant weed immediately before seeding,
  • removing the appearing weed in the period before the shooting.


The cultivation elements of the machine comb through the upper 1-2 cm thick layer of the field, and beside evulsing the weed, they also remove crust from the surface. This helps the soil to keep humidity. Cultivation elements (spring-tines) of the harrow follow the unevenness of the soil. This, and also the right settlement of the wheels helps to avoid damage of the plant, and to reach effective clearing.

Angles of cultivation elements can be settled in several grades. We particularly recommend our harrow for BIO farms, where this machine is an essential equipment for chemical-free clearing.

Technical data

FB-6 FB-9
Working width 6000 mm 9000 mm
Width 3000 mm 3000 mm
Length 1850 mm 1850 mm
Height during trasportation 2100 mm 3900 mm
Number of cultivation jags 240 pcs 360 pcs
Tyre size of support wheels 4,5×10 4,5×10
Power needed in HP min. 50 HP min. 70 HP
Power needed in kW min. 35 kW min. 50kW
Area efficiency 3-7.2 ha/h 4.5-10.8 ha/h
Working speed 5-12 km/h 5-12 km/h
Pressure of hydraulic system min. 120 bar min. 120 bar
Weight 610 kg 1100 kg