HÓD-35 furnacehod35

Sokoró has developed the wood-furnace Hód-35 in the year 2018. This designed for hot-water heating systems, so this is properly convenient for heating private houses, workshops, farm-buildings, and greenhouses.

This furnace has a modular structure, so the dry firebox and the vertical piped dry water-space constitute separate units. The firebox is made of heat-resistant elements, the outer surface of this preheats the incoming air, which flows ahead on 250-350 °C into the firebox, nourishing the gassing of firewood. This special, unique solution ensures a perfect burning process on a high temperature.

The flame that is coming into the heat exchanger can make a long way, so all the combustible material burns fully and perfectly.

Outcoming flue gas leaves at the ideal temperature between 180 °C and 230 °C from the smoke chunk. Due to this, there is no tar and settlings in the boiler and in the funnel. Its vertical system is self-cleansing, it has a minimal maintenance demand.

The lagging on the equipment ensures that the boiler operates with a low heat loss.

In favour of economic and safe operation, we propose to build in a buffer into small water-volume heating systems.

Műszaki paraméterek

Aktuális gyártmányaink:HÓD-35

Technical data: HÓD-35
Volume of water-space 155 dm3
Volume of below firebox 130 dm3
Maximal lenth of log 500 mm
Size of door 300*300 mm
Outgoing/ returning chunks 1"
Baffle 3-4"
Diameter of smoke flue 200 mm
Height of smoke flue 1830 mm
Nominal power 35kW
Nominal efficiency 87-90%
Burning time on max. performance 5h
Temperature of flue gas on max. performance 230 C°
Isolation 30/60 mm glass-wool
Maximal water pressure 2,5 bar
Height 2030 mm
Width 610 mm
Depth 800 mm
Weight: 470 kg