We improve our technology again! Our newest machine, the tube laser cutter equipment TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 7000 is coming in November 2017.

This type of tube laser cutting technology is necessary in the branch if steel construction production.

The machine has a 9 meters long LoadMaster Tube automatic feeder unit, and a 6,5 meters long ready product dispenser tables, and by these, logistics and tooling times are minimized. This technology is proper for precise and high-quality cutting of products in small and bigger series as well. The machines is able to cut tubes and box sections, cut sheet metal and angle sheets straight and also in 45 degrees, make the whole bore picture, and make the chippings that are necessary for the preparation of welding.

Maximal machinable diameter is 254 mm, cutting power is 3,6 Kw. These enable to machine the depth of 12,5 mm precisely, within 0,1 mm.